5 Reasons Why You Should Always Have a Newly Constructed Home Inspected

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Home inspections are necessary to keep a house well-maintained and safe. However, most people only opt for a home inspection when buying an old property that may have depreciated with time. The purpose of these inspections is to get a better deal on the real estate property and make negotiation easier. But newly constructed homes require an inspection as much as an old construction.

Here are some reasons why every homeowner should avail of home inspection services before moving into a new property.

1. Prioritize safety

Although newly constructed homes go through county inspections, they may still have safety hazards that can threaten the lives of your family. Inspecting the electrical panels, switches, and fuses is essential for families with children or high-risk individuals. Drone inspection service in Gwinnett county can find many hidden problems in a house that may not be quickly apparent. Don’t jeopardize the safety of your family members when moving into a new home and get it inspected by Whole House Home Inspections.

2. Water Management

A residential home inspection can help you evaluate the functionality of your water circulation systems. A house with faulty drainage or pipes may become problematic during rainy seasons or heavy snowfall. Basement flooding problems can also result from construction problems often ignored during municipal inspections.

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3. Cooling and Heating Systems

An insulation system needs to be thoroughly inspected and maintained in certain areas where weather conditions are extreme. The heating and cooling system may not work correctly if the insulation system is faulty.

4. Avoid Future Costs

If you plan to live in a property long-term, you should ensure its construction is durable and dependable. Annual home inspections in Atlanta can help homeowners avoid weather damage and maintain a high resale value of their homes as well.

5. Better Negotiating Grounds

When purchasing a newly-constructed house, you should get it inspected by professionals to find any repair needs that may bring down the property’s asking price.
Whole House Home Inspections offers its clients pre-purchase home inspection in Atlanta to help you find any flaw or problem ahead of signing the contract. And in case we miss anything during our inspection, we will purchase the property from you at a total price! Now that’s an offer you can’t miss out on!