5 Things You Need To Pay Attention While You’re Purchasing A New Home

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On the lookout for a new house? Purchasing a home is an exciting yet daunting time. Real estate goes through several ups and down during summertime. If you find the house of your dreams, chances are you’re only going to have one visit before you can make an offer.

Otherwise, the next couple who gets the showing might snatch it up. Before scheduling a tour, learn all that you have to analyze about the property and carefully review the seller’s paperwork. Here are a few things our experienced home inspectors in Atlanta would like you to examine about your future house.

Importance Of Energy Efficiency

For a house to be considered an energy-efficient home, it needs to have a high Energy Star rating. This grade is relevant to windows, appliances, and the entire house. This indicates to the cautious homebuyer that their power bills will be lower and that they’ll be residing in an eco-friendly property.

Issues Hidden To The Eyes

Smart homebuyers should be able to identify the potential ways the seller could hide issues with the property. For instance, an indication that the residence has a smell issue is that there is a deodorizer in each room.

If upbeat and loud music is playing in the background, the seller might try to cover up the house noises. Fresh paint may suggest recent remodeling, but it can also be utilized to cover up any water damage and mold infestation. Experienced purchasers, with the help of home inspectors, can use the appearance of an overly staged home as a signal to begin asking incisive inquiries about the true state of the house.

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Roof and Gutters

You might not possess the professional knowledge that a roof has cracks, broken tiles, or is near the end of its life. A pre-purchase house inspection will help you identify this issue. They will help you determine whether they appear worn and if you should ask further from the sellers.

Electric Panels

Maybe you’re thinking of buying an older house. Inspect the electrical panel to see if it’s up to quality standards. A possible security hazard exists if the words “Federal Pacific Electric” or “Stab-Lok” are visible on the panel. It would be necessary to change this panel right away.

Look out for any faulty, worn-out, or outdated wiring. This might require maintenance which could cost you money. The electrical panel might only be the initial indication of deeper wiring or electrical problems. Always have a home inspector accompany you on your house excursions to help you identify the potential major issues.

Air Conditioning And Furnace Issues

It’s a smart idea to request that the heating and air conditioning be turned on and to check for odd noises. A home inspector will thoroughly examine these elements, but you can get a general idea by carefully watching and hearing.

Whole House Home Inspections offers affordable packages that will be an optimal way to get your pre-listing home inspection. From radon testing, infrared and drone inspections, heating, and cooling system checks, mold and termite inspections, and much more.

Give us a call, and we’ll help you determine if your dream house is the right one for you!