6 Warning Signs for New Home Buyers

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Buying property can be an intimidating task, especially for first-time homeowners. You never know if you can trust your real estate agent or not. Property agents often try to sell homes to inexperienced buyers by lying and exaggeration.

Finding out the future repair needs can be impossible for a new buyer. This is where the home inspection companies of Atlanta can prove helpful. They can identify any signs of damage pre-purchase and save you from buying into a bad real estate deal. Additionally, here are a few warning signs that every home buyer should know when visiting a property.

1. Check the Floor

The signs of a bouncy floor are not visibly apparent in many cases. The homeowner may have hidden signs of a damaged floor by covering it with a carpet or furniture. Ask them if you can move things around. And if they refuse, they are likely hiding some form of damage.

2. Ownership Transfers

A well-constructed and optimally maintained property doesn’t stay on the market for long, neither does it get resold often. If it’s been bought and sold frequently in the past decade, there are probably severe flaws in the construction or internal systems.

A spacious kitchen

3. Overly-Fragrant Atmosphere

If the house smells too strongly of room fresheners, the homeowners are trying to hide something from the visitors. Take the help of a residential home inspector and find out the reasons that may be producing an unpleasant odor in the home’s interior.

4. Exterior Damage

Steer clear of any cracked property on the external walls because signs of exterior damage may indicate problems with the home’s foundation and construction.

5. Paint Patches

If you notice out-of-place paint patches, especially on the kitchen or bathroom walls, the seller may be trying to conceal water damage.

6. Roof Quality

Poor quality roofs require repair and replacement every few years, so make sure the shingles on the roof are up to mark.

And if you don’t have the knowledge or expertise to evaluate the roof quality on your own, take the help of Whole House Home Inspections competent residential home inspectors in Atlanta and make this task easier. Sign up for our pre-purchase home inspection in Atlanta and buy your first home with ultimate peace of mind.