A Guide On How To Get Rid Of Termites With Awful Smells

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Anyone who loves their home finds termites intolerable. They not only ruin the whole look of the house but also cause a hygiene hazard. There are many ways you can get rid of termites, but using awful smells works like a charm every time.

Using organic ingredients to get rid of termites is probably the easiest way. This post will teach you some smells that can make termites run away. If you need professional help, then feel free to call us for a free quote. We do mold inspections in Atlanta to help you improve your quality of life.

Scented Geranium

While humans love this smell, termites hate it. This smell does not drive termites away but attracts termite predators such as centipedes, ladybugs, and spiders. It’s one of the easiest ways to eliminate the termite problem once and for all.

You can grow these plants around your house and let them grow. The smell itself will keep the termites away from your property.

Cedar Wood

Cedarwood block used to get rid of termites from home

Cedarwood consists of allelochemicals, which are repellants for termites. If you have termites in your house or any other area, leave the cedar wood around it for at least six months to see effective results. It will release chemicals that drive the termites away. It’s an effective method but not the best on the list.

Tea Tree & Other Essential Oils

Tea tree oil, clove bud oil, etc., keep termites away. Simply add some drops of essential oil into a mist sprayer and spray wherever you find termites. Tea tree oil has proved to show significant results in driving termites away.

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