A-Z Of Home Roof Inspections

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Owning a house is almost every American’s dream, but it can get ruined if you invest in the wrong property. Many homeowners make the mistake of not conducting a home inspection for molds, mildew, and other buildup, which leads to thousands of dollars wasted in the future.

The roof is one of the many places where you can easily find mold and other contaminants due to environmental exposure. If you’re buying an old house, then it’s essentially important to get the roof checked by professionals. We offer drone inspection services to help homeowners find any problem with the roof.

You can have a leaking roof, and you might not know it unless it causes a huge problem. In this post, you will learn everything about home inspections.

How to Perform Home Roof Inspections?

Performing home roof inspections can be difficult, but we have years of experience doing it for clients. If you’re doing it for the first time, here’s what you need to look for.

1. Find Out Pile of Leaves, Algae, or Moss

Growth, debris, etc., on the roof, can trap moisture that can seep through the house’s structural elements, leading to a bigger issue. We conduct mold inspections and air quality testing to check for mold growth.

If you’re doing the inspection yourself, don’t forget to clean algae, moss, and a pile of leaves. Brush all the dirt and debris off the roof, so it can’t get damaged.

2. Inspect the Roof Closely

An expert team performing roof inspection with tools

Take a ladder and do a roof inspection up close. Check for any damages around vent pipes, dormers, or chimneys. Check for corroded or damaged flashings to get them replaced or repaired before they enter the roof structure.

3. Look for Old, Damaged, or Missing Shingles

Again, damaged, missing, or old shingles can make the water seep through the roof, affecting the structural integrity of the house. Hiring our residential home inspectors in Atlanta will give you the benefit of letting the experts do the work for you. We use air quality testing and radon testing to find out mold growth.

We also offer waterproofing services and draining systems services to save your house’s structural elements from big faults. Get in touch with us today to get a quick free estimate now. We are more than happy to assist you in living a better life!