All About Termite Infestations in Homes

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Three types of termites readily invade homes, namely dry wood, damp wood, and subterranean. Dampwood and dry wood termites feast on moist, rotten, and dry wood — whereas subterranean termites live within the ground and venture back and forth to consume wood.

Here’s recognizing the signs, causes, and solutions for resolving a termite infestation:

Signs of Termite Infestation in Homes

As a homeowner, you want to look for the following signs regularly to ensure your home has not been infested by termites:

1. Wood Damage

Termites begin eating away the wood inside out — so when you tap on the wood, and it sounds hollow, it’s a termite infestation. You could also explore the surrounding for any blistering wood chunks.

2. Mud Tubes

The most destructive of the lot, subterranean termites, tend to build tubes of mud near the foundation of a building to provide moisture for themselves as they travel to and for the food source.

3. Swarmer

These are winged termites that appear after winters to mate and find newer locations. You’ll be able to spot an infestation with discarded wings near doors and windowsills.

4. Frass

The dry wood species of termites tend to produce wood color droppings as they feast on the wood they’ve infested. Look for small piles of pellets around your house, as it could very well be a sign of termite infestation.

5. Bubbling or Uneven Paint  

Although this sign is readily associated with water damage, it might also be a termite infestation.

What Causes Termite Infestation in Homes

For termites, wood is a delicacy since their guts are filled with protozoa, an organism that enhances their wood-eating abilities. Other common causes that make it to the list for termite infestation are moisture, gaps in the foundation, and wood touching the house. So if you live in a region that stays hot and wet for the most part, termite infestations aren’t uncommon.

But what really allows the termites to grow inside of your homes is not getting a residential home inspection at least once every year.

Cracked wood

Get Rid Of Termite Infestation with Residential Home Inspection Services in Atlanta

Since termite infestations can compromise your home’s structural stability, it’s essential to hire a licensed home inspector every year for a thorough inspection. A termite inspection in Gwinnett County is just one of the many services we offer at Whole House Inspection Services. Making use of our home inspection services in Atlanta protects you under RWS or Residential Warranty Services for up to 90 days.

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