All-In-One Commercial Building Inspection Checklist

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A commercial building’s inspection is intended to determine the property’s current state and the cost associated with any necessary repairs. It’s quite similar to a home inspection but it’s more thorough and will look at every aspect of the property under consideration.

Before you hire a company for commercial property inspection in Atlanta to check everything out, make a checklist of your requirements. An experienced inspector will examine every aspect of the structure, including the interior as well as the HVAC system, air quality, and electric panels.

Potential buyers can use this checklist to haggle over the property’s price or to ensure that repairs have been performed. From office and apartment buildings to retail stores; all buildings need to be up-to-code and have great maintenance.

What Is Included In These Inspections?

You should consider several aspects when scheduling a commercial building assessment. They may take a long time to finish since there are so many systems in a large structure.

If issues arise after you’ve bought the property and your company is already up and running, you might have to temporarily halt operations while repairs are carried out. This is neither good for the business nor for the money in your pocket. A few elements of such inspections are:

  • The utilities, pavement, and landscaping
  • Electrical and mechanical systems
  • Heating and cooling systems
  • Internal plumbing fixtures
  • Radon testing
  • Mold testing
  • Roofs, vents, and drainage systems
  • Fire protection
  • A thorough document examination

In certain instances, some additional checks need to be carried out. Some establishments would need to have their sewage and treatment systems inspected. The commercial building inspector will be able to examine each system thoroughly. If the systems don’t function accordingly, the repair costs need to be accounted for in the selling price.

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Important Documents

A commercial building inspector may examine numerous papers during an inspection. This may include building permits, fire security records, maintenance logs, occupancy records, floor plans, and several other documents.

All of the findings will be included in the complete property condition report (PCR). Written documentation of the observations, together with images for explanations, will be included in the report.

Importance Of The Inspection

Even while it could seem like you’re getting a fantastic deal at first, a building inspection may uncover significant structural or electrical issues that would significantly reduce the property’s worth from what was originally advertised. A commercial property inspection can uncover all the issues that a seller might’ve tried to hide.

This report will help you get a better deal on the property, permit you to get repairs done before buying it, and help you determine its estimated value. It’s beneficial to get a commercial property inspection done by a professional and reliable inspection company.

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