our membership plan covers you all year long for $24.99

Owning and caring for a home is a big responsibility, but the right repair tools and maintenance tips allow for easy living!

Smoothly navigate your home’s seasonal upkeep with our Annual Membership Plan and Expert Advice. We have had numerous customers that have spent thousands of dollars on major home repairs that could have been prevented with regular maintenance tasks. It goes along with our motto “Spend HUNDRED$ now in maintenance or spend THOU$AND$ later in repairs!” If you’re looking for quality annual home inspection services in Gwinnett County, Atlanta, we should be your first call. Let’s get started!

If you do not have the time, expertise or tools to tackle all of the needed preventative maintenance then give us a call to get it rolling at your home. It will save you thousands over the time span that you live in your home.

Benefits of the Program

Peace of Mind

We initiate the call to schedule your semi annual appointments in season for preventative and corrective maintenance.

Maintains Home Value

Halting any deterioration of your home will maintain the value of your home.

Reduced Cost Home Repairs

Maintaining is less costly than repairing. Spend $100's now in maintenance or $1000's later in repairs.

Improved Quality of Life

A well maintained home is more energy efficient, less linkely to have mold and mildew buildup and less chance to cause illnesses for its inhabitants.

What you can expect:

Through all Seasons:

Through every inch:

– The roof-covering materials.
– The gutters.
– The downspouts.
– The vents, flashing, skylights, chimney, and other roof penetrations.
– The general structure of the roof from the readily accessible panels, doors or stairs.
– The exterior wall-covering materials.
– The eaves, soffits and fascia.
– A representative number of windows.
– All exterior doors. flashing and trim; adjacent walkways and driveways.
– Stairs, steps, stoops, stairways and ramps.
– Porches, patios, decks, balconies and carports.
– Railings, guards and handrails.
– Vegetation, surface drainage, retaining walls and grading of the property, where they may adversely affect the structure due to moisture intrusion.
– The foundation
– The basement
– The crawlspace
– Structural components
– The heating system, using normal operating controls
– Readily accessible and visible portions of the fireplaces and chimneys
– Lintels above the fireplace openings
– Damper doors by opening and closing them, if readily accessible and manually operable
– Clean-out doors and frames
– The cooling system, using normal operating controls.
– The main water supply shut-off valve
– The main fuel supply shut-off valve
– The water heating equipment, including the energy source, venting connections, temperature/pressure-relief (TPR) valves, Watts 210 valves, and seismic bracing
– Interior water supply, including all fixtures and faucets, by running the water
– All toilets for proper operation by flushing
– All sinks, tubs and showers for functional drainage
– The drain, waste and vent system
– Drainage sump pumps with accessible floats.
– The service drop
– The overhead service conductors and attachment point
– The service head, gooseneck and drip loops
– The electric meter and base
– Service-entrance conductors
– The main service disconnect
– Panel boards and over-current protection devices (circuit breakers and fuses)
– Service grounding and bonding
– A representative number of switches, lighting fixtures and receptacles, including receptacles observed and deemed to be arc-fault circuit interrupter (AFCI)-protected using the AFCI test button, where possible
– All ground-fault circuit interrupter receptacles and circuit breakers observed and deemed to be GFCIs using a GFCI tester, where possible
– For the presence of smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.
– Insulation in unfinished spaces, including attics, crawlspaces and foundation areas
– Ventilation of unfinished spaces, including attics, crawlspaces and foundation areas
– Mechanical exhaust systems in the kitchen, bathrooms and laundry area.
– A representative number of doors and windows by opening and closing them
– Floors, walls and ceilings
– Stairs, steps, landings, stairways and ramps
– Railings, guards and handrails
– Garage vehicle doors and the operation of garage vehicle door openers, using normal operating controls.

Terms & Conditions

Semi-Annual Visits

You will be scheduled for a spring and fall visit.

Cost Saving

As a preferred client you will enjoy reduced costs of your home maintenance and will receive special offers throughout the year.

Year-Long Plan

The Plan length covers one full yearly cycle – (2) 2 ½ hour visits (5 hrs. total) in a 12 month period.


We want to help! Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page:

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