Big Problems Caused by a Leaky Roof

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a roof during rain

Whether you’re an assured seller or a home buyer, a leaky roof is a serious problem for any investor. Investors hardly want to invest in properties that come with problematic infrastructure. The problem is also indicative of the lack of care the property has gone through. Many home buyers consider the problem an onset of other infrastructural problems waiting in the queue.

Roofing is not a cheap process. You might feel taken aback by how much the construction market has soared over the years. It’s high time you consider whether you need a new roof or you could mend the existing roof to save costs.

Hire residential home inspectors to detect leaks, missing shingles, and infrastructural damage to the roofing. Consult our top property inspection services for timely roofing inspections.

Problems caused by leaky roofs are as follows:

Severe Damage to the Attic

Your old books, cutlery, unused crockery, an old study table, and some blankets for use are a few items that are conveniently placed in the attic. You don’t want roof leaks to bring in rainwater inside, damaging the property and causing harm. The attic is what suffers increasingly when you have a leaky roof atop.

New Traces of Mildew

A leaky roof brings in loads of moisture with it. Getting rid of moisture would need tons of sunshine and warmth. Trapped moisture is harmful to your home since that leads to mold and mildew growth. You will have to use a clean wet sponge to remove mildew traces.

Zero Insulation

Georgia loves snow, and a central heating system is what it needs to keep cold at bay. But alas! A leaky roof is the last thing you’d want in Georgia’s chilly winters! Repair your roof immediately before the Georgian cold sucks all your house’s warmth.

roofing in bad condition

Debilitating House Worth

Can a leaky roof decrease the worth of your house? Yes, it can. The leaky roof imbroglio calls for a good amount of repair or roof replacement. Both of which come at extra equipment and labor cost. An investor will want you to reevaluate your home if you have a leaky roof at hand.

But what if you never realize you have a leaky roof? That’s what residential home inspections are for! A certified inspector inspects homes for mold inspection, termite inspection, leaky roofs, problematic heating/cooling systems, and more!

Safety Hazards

Please show extra haste if there’s even a minute roof leak near your energy equipment. This is not only a safety hazard but a huge tipping point for your property’s safety as well. Slippery surfaces are another outcome of leaky roofs jeopardizing owner safety. During issues of attic deterioration, mildew growth, and more, the sooner you mend your roof, the better.

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