Early Signs of a Termite Infestation

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This could be an absolute nightmare and one of the most dreaded outcomes of buying new homes. A single termite colony in the house breeds tons of these little creatures. Termites spread like wildfire, especially in properties made of wood. Early summer is when their populations start to swarm in infested neighborhoods. This is the same time when termite infestations are spotted in neighborhoods in Atlanta.

If you’re about to sell your home, you should know that pre-purchase home inspections are a routine procedure. To ensure your house is termite-free, you should go for a pre-listing home inspection to ensure zero breeding ground for termites.

Residential home inspections in Atlanta affirm whether your property is termite-free or not. Call our services for quality home inspection services in Gwinnett County, Atlanta.

Here are early signs of termite inspection.

Difficulty in Opening/Closing Windows and Doors

Has it become more difficult for you to close windows and doors? This could be an early sign of an infestation. A major reason for the occurrence is that termites feed on wood. Their excretion is what creates a sludgy base around doors and windows. As a result, your doors seem stuck and won’t open or close easily.

Next time you notice other peculiar changes in dashboards and wooden bases like the sagging of wood or crumbling of wooden wear, know that you have company.

Warped Paint

Termites are found in bulk in termite galleries. Termite galleries are areas where termites dwell, gradually devouring the wood underneath the paint. This leaves behind paint chipping away from holes that termites create in walls over time. That’s the case with anything wooden that you coat with paint. Termites eat through timber, leaving paint hanging from hollow walls behind. After some time, the paint appears exceptionally warped and chipped.

Early signs of an infestation mean warped paint in a niche or crevice. Be extra mindful to observe the infestation doesn’t spread. A termite inspection in Gwinnett County is a routine procedure for property inspection services in Gwinnett County. Reach out to us to know more about our services.

Mud Tubes on Walls

Mud tubes are either created by wasps or termites! Both may lead to an infestation if not acted against in time. Longer in size, mud tubes created by termites crawl on walls, usually in the nooks and crevices. Termites often use these walls to find more timber to feed on. These tubes dry up and become severely hard to move. Most termite tubes are made of leftover wood and fecal matter of termites.

a colony of termites

Termite Swarmers

Swarmers are reproductive termites in a colony. Swarmers are continuously in the process of shedding their wings to grow termite colonies. Some termite wings here and there should be sign enough that you need a termite infestation inspection ASAP.

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