Everything You Need to Know About Radon

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House inspection equipment has upgraded in the last few years to allow newer, more sophisticated methods to inspect homes and ensure they are safe for living. If you’re about to buy property, ensure the house is inspected for radon.

Radon inspections ensure the air quality within the property is not affected by the gas. The move is necessary to maintain the air quality for health-related reasons.

Testing for radon gas is an advanced tech procedure by reliable home inspection companies. Get in touch with a radon testing company in Gwinnett County for convenient radon testing.

What Do We Know About the Radon Gas?

As uranium decays in the soil underneath the house concrete, colorless gas is formed, called radon. The gas is likely to enter homes that have several concrete cracks. A built-up of poor radon gas can cause several health-related problems. EPA considers radon gas to be one of the leading causes of lung failure, lung cancer, and lung-related problems in individuals who’ve never smoked.

What are the identifiable symptoms of radon gas damage, you ask? Most radiation-based health problems usually go undetected or detected when the disease has spread quite a bit. Don’t wait for health symptoms to manifest! Have your house tested for radon emission before you think of inhabiting it!

Home inspectors in Gwinnett County make sure your houses are inspected for radon gas emissions before you move in. Our services have the finest equipment for pre-purchase inspections in Atlanta.

How to Ensure Low Radon Emission Levels in Your Homes?

Traces of radon gas have been found in all the states within America. You do not want your family to be directly exposed to higher concentrations of the gas. Usually, a licensed home inspection service tests the lower areas of the home for radon traces. This includes the basement. Ideally, houses with traces of radon below 4.0 pCi/L are safe for living.

The radon inspection process can last for two days. You can demand your home inspector to perform the test. Usually, when home inspectors don’t have radon testing equipment, they often involve certified radon testing teams to carry out radon testing in your home.

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Radon-Testing Methods

FYI: You can test radon levels in your property yourself. Radon gas is trapped within most homes. This is how its concentration increases over time. Radon testing kits are available at home Depot. Is it a reliable option? While you may get hold of quality testing equipment, you may go wrong with areas to test the home for radon.

Periodic Radon Testing

Most radon testing professionals take around 48 hours to conduct intermittent radon levels in a house. These tests ensure domestic radon concentration is recorded thoroughly for an error-proof radon testing process.

Some home inspection companies even recommend long-term radon testing for properties located in areas that have recorded higher radon concentrations over the past.

Home inspectors in Atlanta offer a complete package of services. Air testing, radon testing, and pre-listing home inspections are offered by Whole House Home Inspections. We use the best technology available to conduct our tests and aim to provide the best home inspection services throughout the county. Call us at 770-370-4269.