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So, you have finally sold your home, scheduled your home inspection, but you don’t know where to start or how to prepare. That’s where we can help you! We know that you have a lot of questions from unplugging the utilities to whether you should clean up the house, so to help with your upcoming appointment, we have made a list for you to follow for the next few days. This can also help if you just recently purchased your house and you are in the process of getting a home inspection as well!

  • Clean Up the House: While the inspector isn’t looking for the perfect model home, they’re still a guest. You want it to look presentable, but you don’t have to hide your life away. Leave the dog bed where you normally keep it as well as the kid’s toy bin. The inspector will be able to see how much you care about your home as well as being able to see the most lived in areas of the house.
  • Stay On Schedule: Make sure everything is ready before the inspector gets there, including yourselves. It’s very common for an inspector to start with the outside of the house so pay attention to the time if there’s a stranger walking around your property.
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  • Leave the Utilities Connected: If you have the opportunity to move before selling your current home, don’t turn off the utilities immediately. The inspector will need to check things like the stove, furnace, dishwasher, etc. If they’re unable to be checked, the home inspection will be rescheduled to a later date which could affect the timeline for selling the house. This included keeping the pilot light ignited on the furnace.
  • Leave Space: It’s not uncommon to safely utilize the space around the furnace and water heater or even in front of the doors. For the inspection, you’ll need to clear out at least four feet of space around the units so everything can be accessed easily.
  • Provide Access: Areas like the attic, basement, and even the garage might be blocked off from the main house. Whether you regularly use the space or not, the inspector will still need to check it out to verify there’s nothing wrong with the area.
  • Provide Documentation: If you’ve recently had work done to the house, new appliances installed, etc., the inspector might ask to see the documentation. They will still need to be inspected as a precaution, but having that documentation will help with the sale of the house.
  • Be Prepared to Leave If Needed: A full home inspection can easily take three hours. Sometimes buyers, especially if they request the inspection, will accompany the inspectors to see what’s going on with the house. You can leave the premises and let them do their inspection.
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Becoming a homeowner is a huge, but fun responsibility. Also, it’s vastly different from just renting your home or apartment. What was once the responsibility of your landlord is now your sole responsibility. This means general home maintenance and upgrades are now added to your list of things to do. It’s very important to maintain your home, not only for the family, but if you’re planning on selling it down the line, you’ll be able to make more money off of it. Here’s why regular home maintenance is important. 

● Saves You Money: Regular maintenance will help you save money on costly repairs. If you’re not prepared, you could end up with sudden expenses like an appliance going bad or water damage that could have been prevented. Without proper maintenance and upkeep, things can easily fall to the wayside. In fact, there’s a statistic that every $1 in maintenance now saves your $100 in repairs later.

Why Is Home Maintenance Important? 8
Why Is Home Maintenance Important? 9

● Increases The Value: Are you planning on selling your home soon? Regular home maintenance helps increase its value because you’ll be able to sell it for a higher price. Instead of breaking even, you’ll make a profit.

● Runs More Efficiently: When something is acting up or flat out broken, it affects the flow of the household. If the HVAC system is acting up it’s going to be running more than it should because it’s trying to overcompensate for whatever is malfunctioning.

Get the Most Out of Warranties: Warranties and home insurance are extremely helpful with issues that are out of your control, such as an appliance breaking down after a year or weather damages the roof. Unfortunately, if the home is not maintained, there’s a chance the warranty or insurance will void and you’re forced to pay out of pocket.

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With older homes, it’s very common to assume that there will be issues. Things will have to be updated, replaced, renovated, etc. An inspection in this instance makes sense, but why would you need one for new construction? Surely it’s gone through the necessary measures as it was being built? While chances of an issue are slimmer than an older house, that doesn’t mean it never happens. New construction is exciting and it’s one of the best times to get an inspection as a preemptive precaution. The inspector can find potential flaws, point out defects, and more. Here’s what you need to know about getting a new construction inspection.

What are the benefits?

An inspector is there to be an unbiased, second set of eyes for the construction crew, the designer, and the owner of the property. Things can get rushed, missed, or situations can arise that are out of everyone’s control, like the weather. While everyone strives to make it the perfect build, the reality is that sometimes that’s not always the case. Here are a few benefits having a certified home inspector check out your new construction:

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Repairs are on the builder’s dime: While things do happen, that doesn’t mean the owner is on the hook for the extra cost. If there’s an issue with the construction or building, such as plumbing, wiring, and anything else that might not have been done correctly. It’s extremely important to find any issues as soon as possible to get them fixed.

Catching unseen issues: Just because you can’t physically get into the space, doesn’t mean they can’t be inspected. For example, areas like the attic or cramped crawl spaces may be difficult to get in to see how well it’s insulated. The inspector has multiple instruments such as an infrared thermometer to help aid their assessment.

Preventing disasters: The municipal building inspector usually isn’t as extensive with their inspection. They’re checking to make sure the building is secure and meets the codes of the city, county, or state. Here are a few things that a certified home inspector will catch, that the municipal inspector will not:

○ Improper or missing flashing on the roof
○ Improperly sacred gutters
○ Cracks in the foundation
○ Wiring and piping not properly sealed
○ Insufficient waterproofing or drainage

How many times should you get an inspection?

For the best results and overall performance of the house, you should have an inspection up to four times throughout the build. They are:

Why You Should Get An Inspection On New Construction 21

1. Right after the foundation is poured to check for settling, cracks, or other issues with the concrete.
2. Once the framing has been constructed, as well as the plumbing and electrical have been installed.
3. Right before you move in, the inspector can check for drainage and sealing problems with the exterior and interior of the house. They will also check:

○ Windows and doors are sealed
○ Roof facing is secure and watertight
○ Railings are secure on porches, decks, etc.
○ The plumbing is working with no leaks
○ The water pressure is at the right level
○ The outlets and lights are working and more.

4. The last inspection happens before the warranty runs out on the build. If anything needs to be repaired after the warranty is up, the homeowner will need to pay for it.

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