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Augusta, the second-largest city in Georgia, is situated on the Savannah River in the Piedmont region. Due to its status as a combined city-county, it is located on the eastern border and spans a sizable territory of 306.5 square miles.

Augusta has made headlines as it hosts the Master’s golf tournament every year. It’s often referred to as the Garden City of the South. Everywhere you go, you’ll discover a unique blend of hospitable heritage and thriving trip possibilities for everybody–from nature enthusiasts to new couples. From experiencing art and culture at First Friday to scouring the baked goods and produce at the Augusta Market, you’ll have a blast when you’re here!

Augusta Annual Home Inspection

Currently, Augusta is a city with charm and possibility thanks to its more than 100 restaurants, several museums, galleries, an abundance of musical and theatrical performances, amazing venues, and an innovative tech industry.

It’s a great place for families to settle. But, before doing so, ensure you get a home inspection. At Whole House Home Inspections, we cherish every one of our customers in Augusta and offer them various home inspection services. This way,they never have to stress about locating the best business to complete their mold and radon testing, infrared inspections, and other services.

We raise the bar when it comes to house inspections. As a reputable and trustworthy business, we can help whether you’re a buyer, seller, or just want to dive deeply into your house’s issues. We won’t let anything go without examining it since it’s preferable to reside in a home where you feel secure and your whole family will be healthy and happy.

Our goal is to provide quality home inspection services that satisfy our clients.We’re dedicated to doing our best. Additionally, after years in the industry, we are experts in home inspection. That is the assurance we can offer to everyone who wants to use our services.

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We have something for all Augusta residents. Do you require services for a house inspection? Guess what? We are available to help you out. From doing pool inspections, radon testing, and heating and cooling system checks to fireplace damper door replacement, mold testing, water heating system repairing, and much more; you can count on us!

We promise that our home inspections will go smoothly and without worry, so you can concentrate on the issues you need to care about while your home is being evaluated. Know that your house is in good hands.

Our home inspectors have ASHI and InterNACHI certifications. We can help you figure out exactly what’s needed to be done at reasonable prices. With our mold and termite inspection, air quality testing, and other services, we guarantee to provide what you desire.

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Contact us to get a free quote on our services if you need high-quality house examination work done in Augusta right away!