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Georgia’s fourth-largest city, Macon, is part of a combined city-county. It is referred to as the Heart of Georgia due to its central location within the state. The Civil Rights era, outdoor activities, southern food, and heritage are all prevalent in historical Macon. Agritourism, miles of trekking trails, river accessibility, and Macon’s rich history make it an optimal spot in Georgia to experience beautiful nature.

From the lively farmers and crafts market to soulful food, you can find everything you desire! But, before you settle in your newly-purchased house, you might want to do some pre-listing inspections.

Home Pre-Purchase Inspection In Macon

Purchasing a home is a difficult and emotional time. You have to be aware of the actual condition of the house and have confidence in your ability to make the appropriate choice. Let Whole House Home Inspections reduce some of your stress by checking your home to make sure you’re securing your property appropriately.

We provide objective information regarding the house as part of our expert home inspection service. Our home inspector aims to provide you with the information you need to enjoy becoming a homeowner. We will accurately pinpoint material flaws in the house’s systems, foundations, and sections while adhering to or surpassing regional and state requirements.

To ensure that you receive the right home inspection services, we use the most up-to-date gear available, from infrared cameras to drone inspections. People who live in Macon can get any kind of home inspection from us. Our responsibility is to make every house inspection easy and stress-free for everyone who needs our help.

Our Range Of Services

A great share of investment goes into buying a home. You should get a home inspected before you buy it to prevent potentially expensive repairs. These issues might otherwise go unnoticed, leading to you paying a hefty maintenance amount in the future. This is a regular home inspection we perform, identifying common flaws so you can fully appreciate the purchase you’ve made.

That’s why we offer the following services to all residents of Macon.

Radon Testing

The naturally present radioactive gas radon can cause lung cancer. The only way to determine whether radon is prevalent in your potential house is through a radon test. Our home inspectors can help you get out of this pickle.

Mold Inspection

Are you worried that the mold in your house could be hazardous? What do you need to be aware of regarding black mold? If mold treatment is necessary, we can do a mold inspection and ease your mind.

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That’s not all! We’ve got exciting news. We have tons of other services for our clients in Macon. To guarantee that every client receives a top-notch assessment, all our home inspectors are certified in the field and provided with the latest equipment. Reach out to us today!