How Do You Clean Mildew From Soffits?

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Most residential cases of mold growth show soffit mildew can go undetected. Let’s not forget that flat paints are a huge reason there’s no resistance to mold growing on soffits. The dust settled on the soffits for a long time helps mildew spread on other parts of the roof. Mildew growth can make your soffit appear discolored. It can rapidly spread to other areas of the roof if not controlled in time.

Inspecting Soffit Mildew in Time

Sampling is one of the most convenient ways to inspect homes for molds. Indoor air quality is tested for mold spores in the surroundings. For soffit mildew, our residential home inspectors in Gwinnett County believe in a thorough structural inspection of the roofs, tiles, and soffits. Any anomalies and repairs are duly mentioned in a detailed home inspection report.

Cleaning Soffit Mildew


Pressure Wash Your Soffits

You can easily remove mold from the soffits by using a high-pressure water spray. The mold will take some time to loosen up but will give in eventually. Pressure washing works for all concrete surfaces and is great for all types of buildings.

Caution: Pressure washing may not be a good idea for roofs with years-old paint. The pressure can cause the paint to chip and crack.

We recommend using regular sprays or water hoses for older buildings to rinse the soffits. This should also help loosen up debris, grime, and dust.

Use A Mild Detergent/All-Purpose Cleaner

Take a gallon of water (hot preferably). Add a mild detergent or an all-purpose cleaner in a small amount. This will take down dirt and debris. White vinegar is known to do wonders against mildew. It has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. Vinegar also works to prevent further mildew growth. Also, check commercial vinyl cleaners for the task.

Use a Scraper to Remove Growing Mold

A scraper takes out mold in no time. Depending on the resources, use a ladder and an extended brush to clean your soffits further. Pour some detergent on the brush for scrubbing.

How Often to Clean Soffits?

Soffit cleaning needs to be performed once every year. This way, your soffits will remain clean and wouldn’t need costly maintenance. Our certified home inspection company in Atlanta also aims to minimize uncalled-for residential and commercial repairs. Keeping your soffits clean will help you detect signs of damage and go for repairs immediately.

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Whole House Home Inspections for Mold-Infested Homes!

Mold infestation is a health hazard. Stop it right in its tracks. Our air testing and swab test samples for mold growth detect a mold infestation in homes. We also have radon testing technology for infrared thermal imaging of residential and commercial buildings. To avail our services, call  770-370-4269