How Does Drone Home Inspection Work?

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Home inspections save you money by helping prevent extensive and costly repairs or highlighting what needs to be repaired before the problem escalates into something worse. Property owners can also leverage inspection data to prioritize areas for spending limited maintenance budgets.

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But with rooflines becoming complex and challenging to navigate with traditional techniques, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), or drones, are becoming wildly popular to make inspections easier and safer.

Many professionals in construction, real estate, property management, and other sectors are using drones to inspect buildings to access the status of renovations, maintenance, measurements, and many other purposes. They have great potential in industries like home inspection, where agility, versatility, and different vantage points are highly valued.

People hire home inspectors that offer drone services for different purposes—be it potential buyers deciding on closing on a new property or building owners ordering a pre-listing inspection.

Why are Drone Inspections So Popular?

Using drones to collect visual data on a property’s condition mitigates the need for inspectors to place themselves in risky situations. The precision control in high-quality drones enables inspectors to move the camera omnidirectionally, even in narrow and tight areas. The magnification capability helps get a closer look at potential wear and tear, cracks, and other damages that may not be readily visible to the naked eye.

The bird’s-eye view of the property on the report or marketing collateral gives it an added aesthetic and professional quality that instantly impresses owners and buyers alike. Younger generations that are pro-tech appreciate the marketable element because it gives them the impression that your business follows the latest trends. This increases their confidence in your service and helps them know the business is dedicated to adopting the best practices to provide value to clients.

Property owners can also maintain meticulous records of the asset over time that can be accessed easily. Besides helping cover all the bases efficiently, drone inspections also help reduce inspection time significantly. They’re equally beneficial for surveying the surrounding power lines, trees, or other neighboring areas and elements surrounding the property. Here are some types of inspections drones have made more convenient than ever before.

Roofing Inspections

Drones are proven to be one of the most efficient tools for roof inspections. Sometimes properties have roofs that are hard to access due to steepness, height, or slippery elements.

Certain roofing materials, such as tiles, also make them prone to significant wear and tear, making them unsafe to inspect manually.

Debris, growth, and other elements can trap moisture that seeps through and wreaks havoc on the property’s structure. Moss, algae, spores, leaves, dirt, and other debris should be identified during inspections. Missing, damaged, or old shingles should also be identified and replaced to avoid further damage.

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Exterior Inspections

Drones are excellent for inspecting the exteriors of a property, like chimneys, gutters, and other areas that are not easily accessible or require extra effort and time to get to without exposing inspectors to harm. Our inspectors also keep an eye on damaged or corroded flashings to get them repaired or replaced promptly.

Properties with extensive trees and foliage can also be used to inspect gardens and yards. It gives an idea about the condition of landscaping elements that require maintenance. Professionals at Whole House Home Inspections also conduct mold inspections, termite inspections, and infrared inspections, along with air quality and radon testing when you hire them for a comprehensive property inspection.

Our home inspectors closely look at every nook and corner of the property to ensure it’s free from all potential hazards. Besides drone testing, we also have a number of other cutting-edge tools to ensure the space is free from toxins.

Our company holds certifications from ASHIand InterNachi, so you can rely on the verdicts of our qualified inspectors before you invest in any property. Get in touch to learn more about our residential home inspection services, commercial property inspection solutions, and pre-listing and pre-purchase home inspections in Gwinnett County, Atlanta.

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