How Gutter Problems Damage Your Home’s Foundation

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Contrary to popular belief, foundation issues aren’t just the result of pest infestation, poor construction, or changes in the soil. Foundations are susceptible to damage due to improperly functioning and clogged gutters. To answer your question about how gutter problems damage your home’s foundation, not regularly maintaining your gutters causes them to overflow and leak from cracks. The continued trickling down the pillars of the house caused permanent damage to the foundation.

Gutter Systems Are Protectors of the House’s Foundation

The gutter system is situated on the top of the roof to divert water from the roof and the rest of the building into the ground. Unfortunately, it’s subject to waste materials getting trapped in between the pipelines that create clogs in the system. This results in water backing up and spilling on either side of the gutter. Leaving these clogs in the system for too long causes water to spill down to cause structural damage on the walls as well as pooling at the foundation.

Water Is the Culprit That Damages Foundations…

Water somehow always finds cracks to seep through — it may be around the gutter, over it, at broken joints, or through those that have slipped out of place. Water pooling at the foundation and surrounded by saturated soil around the house causes pressure to build on either side of the house. When left untreated, the pressure reaches the extent to which it can lower the walls as well as the basement by causing it to crack and push inwards.

To make things worse, the warm weather dries up the water, which causes the soil around the house to erode. This results in the foundation of the building settling unevenly, resulting in misbalanced floors and cracks in the wall. These also the increased chances of mold growth and flooding.

…And De-Values Homes

Structural damages caused at the hands of gutter system problems translate to huge repair costs. The homeowner is expected to pay the price for repairing the foundation — the total cost is dependent on the type of foundation, size of the house, and severity of the damage.

In addition, a damaged foundation tarnishes the curb appeal of the house — who would want to live in a house with visible cracks on the foundation and ceiling and with floors sagging? If you’re selling your house without fixing these issues, be ready for some serious negotiation.

Pipeline of a gutter system running across the walls of a house

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