How to Research a Neighborhood Before Purchasing a Home

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On the lookout for a new home in Atlanta? Make sure you do your research before making a purchase. Research states that around 41% of homeowners did their research before purchasing a home. The National Realtor Association also insists around 31% of all buyers were first-time buyers, so this could be the biggest financial transaction of their lives.

Pre-Purchase Prep

Before you purchase a new home, make an elaborate list of the features you want. For example, if your parents are moving in with you, you might need a double-story house with good security options. Veterans and elderly persons moving on their own might need a different type of house.

Neighborhood Ratings and Reviews

Generic online sites such as and come with different data points and resident reviews for specified neighborhoods. Check if both of these sites offer reviews for your prospective community.

Visit the Community Website Right Away!

Online reviews can be biased. Why don’t you visit the community website to learn more about it? Almost all towns have websites with complete details, including weather updates for the specified region. If the neighborhood website doesn’t entice you much, call the representatives mentioned on the site to gather more information.

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Research for Quality Healthcare and Basic Amenities

If yours is a small, young family, your ideal neighborhood should have daycares and quality healthcare services. Look up schools and healthcare units in your prospective neighborhood. Consider their distance from your location and decide accordingly.

Focus on Short Listing Inspected Homes

As a common trend, home buyers prefer sellers to have their homes inspected before listing them. Homes that come with a pre-listing home inspection report tend to sell better. According to The Washington Post, the faith in technology has revolutionized buyer home inspection demands over the years.

Buyers know home inspection officers have digital cameras, advanced leak detecting tools, and infrared technology for indoor air quality testing, termite inspection, etc. They insist sellers fix the issues mentioned in the pre-listing inspection before they list the house. Call our home inspection officers to offer a similar range of services.

Choose a Real Estate Professional Who Knows the Area

A smart way to get to know more about home listings in your prospective neighborhood is to contact a reliable real estate professional. They have all the answers to your neighborhood questions and several listed homes to choose from.

A Pre-Purchase Home Inspection Is a Must

Before you purchase, go for a pre-purchase home inspection in Gwinnett County. We’re committed to offering dependable home inspection services in Atlanta, Savannah, Augusta, and Columbus. Call us at 770-370-4269 to book our services or enroll to become a part of our home inspector training and certification.