Pool Inspection: What Home Inspectors Check For

When planning to purchase a property, having it professionally inspected is critical. However, if the home has a swimming pool, it’s crucial to check its safety. Examining the pool will help you understand all its features and allow you to make an informed purchase decision.

If left unexamined, easy-to-detect issues may be more costly to repair. Here’s all you need to know about pool inspection and what home inspectors check for.

Checking the Safety Features

A pool inspection ensures whether the pool complies with local safety regulations. The inspector will check if it has all kinds of safeguards like alarms on windows and doors leading to the pool. Even if specific safety measures are not in place, there are several ways to address this issue. The seller will either resolve the problem or provide credit when closing the deal.

Examining the Pool Interior

Some pools are finished with vinyl liners on the interior that contain the water inside. These devices make sure that the water doesn’t seep out. A small tear in the lining could lead to an expensive repair.

Other pools have various types of plaster. Inspectors check the plaster to ensure there are no crevices that could cause serious problems in the future. They will also examine any decorative or functional tiling.

Pool Lighting

Pools are typically equipped with interior lighting. The inspector will ensure that these are in operating condition, whether they’re newly installed LEDs or outdated light bulbs. They will also check for mold or mildew growth caused by condensation inside pool lighting fixtures.


During a pool inspection, the professionals will assess the deck’s surface, color, and overall condition. The deck must be adequately pitched so that pool water or rainwater can travel away from the pool through efficient drainage.

If the deck has a drain system, the inspector will ensure they’re clean and functioning. Moreover, debris can settle on the deck and create an uneven surface or gaps. In addition to being a cosmetic issue, it can also be a safety hazard.

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