Radon Testing During Home Inspections: Is It Necessary?

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Due to poor air quality in urban regions, lung diseases are increasing at an alarming rate. Many factors are contributing to this poor air quality. Air pollutants are playing a major role in this increasing indoor air pollution. Many poisonous gases that are present in the air are harmful to humans. Radon is one such gas. It’s a colorless and inert gas that can decrease indoor air quality and cause severe lung diseases like lung cancer.

The Environment Protection Agency recommends checking for radon gas content before buying a house. Air quality testing of the house can help you know if the house has any harmful gases resulting in respiratory and other health disorders. Whole House Home Inspections is a home inspection agency that offers air quality testing and radon testing services in Atlanta to know that the house you’re buying has healthy indoor air.

Why is radon testing important? Let’s have a look.

What is Radon?

Radon is an odorless, tasteless, and colorless gas that forms spontaneously as uranium decays.  Because radon gas is radioactive, it can be harmful to people. Radon may pass through concrete and other popular construction materials such as wood and timber.

Since radon may pass through solid objects, it can readily seep into your home’s structure. Radon gas can accumulate over time, which can decrease the indoor air quality of your house.

When To Consider Radon Testing?

As recommended by the EPA, all home buyers should consider testing for radon gas in their homes. Radon gas has been found in most states of the US and in different climatic conditions, so every homeowner should have their house inspected annually for radon.

Some regions have a higher risk for radon exposure. Before buying a house, one should always ask their home inspectors if it’s safe from radon and other harmful indoor pollutants.

Testing For Radon

There are many different procedures for radon testing. It is recommended that you ask your home inspector which radon testing procedure they are using and how efficient it is. One can also do radon testing themselves by buying radon testing equipment, but that’s not encouraged by the EPA. You should always hire a professional and certified home inspector for home inspection and air quality testing.

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Get Your Home Tested for Radon by Whole House Home Inspections

You should get your house checked for radon by experienced home inspectors to ensure good indoor air quality. Whole House Home Inspections is a home inspection firm that offers top-quality residential and commercial home inspection services in Atlanta. Our services include radon testing, mold inspections, infrared inspections, etc.

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