Selling Your Home? Make Sure You Are Protected!

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With winter over, we may now start carrying out our warm weather goals. For many, this means the selling or buying of a property. Traditionally people don’t love searching for a new home during colder seasons, and for good reason! With the warm weather on the rise, it’s time to have your home inspected so you can put it on the market ASAP and have it ready to be viewed by potential buyers!
  1. Foundation – Several issues can occur during the winter like cracks, discolorations, and water damage, so make sure each concern is mitigated by hiring an expert inspector and is scheduled to be treated by a professional.

    2. Air Quality – Sometimes we can become careless with our air conditioners, seldom if ever replacing the filters or cleaning our units. This makes our air conditioners and heaters work overtime, frequently while dirty, compromising the internal air quality of our home.
Standard Home Inspection

3. Radon – Specifically, with the prolonged-time indoors this past year, radon is a bigger matter than ever. Huddled up all winter in a basement with a high radon level is not a brilliant plan, so make sure you have an accurate report when it comes to radon in your home.

4. The Roof. After a brutal winter, even a new roof can suffer some significant damage, make certain nothing is compromising the structural integrity of your roof ASAP. With a potential leak and the spring rain on the horizon, you can have a costly project on your hands before you ever even get your home on the market!

Many factors come into play when buying or selling a home. One thing is for sure, there is no sense going through with that process if you do not plan to have the property inspected. Exposing all the little details and secrets a property has before it is purchased is our specialty. We hope you found this blog useful and never hesitate to call us if you need a thorough home inspection!