Swimming Pool Inspections: What To Check When Buying A Home With A Pool

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Looking for a new home with plenty of outside area for socializing, relaxing, and staying active? Many individuals see the benefit of purchasing a property with a swimming pool already installed. You may finally begin to enjoy a private swimming facility right after moving.

Several buyers also opt for a space in the housing space where they can install a swimming pool according to their preferences. However, if the property already has a swimming pool, it is recommended to go for a home inspection service before you move in and hire home inspectors that have experience with pool inspection.

A pool can also have many different issues and can even pose health risks for your family if it is not properly inspected and maintained. Learn more about what to check during a pool inspection when buying a new house.

Pool Safety

Make sure that the inspector properly assesses the pool for safety concerns. Pool safety is essential for your family or friends that come over for swimming or even pool parties. Ensure that electrical wires are away from the pool and the walkways surrounding the pool don’t have any slip hazards.

Pool inspection must include the evaluation of fences and latches, if there are any, to ensure that they are in good condition so no one accidentally falls into the pool. Check other safety aspects which can put your family at risk.

Interior Of The Pool

Vinyl liners can be seen in certain pools. These systems keep the water within the pool contained and prevent it from leaking out. A rip in the liners may necessitate a pricey repair.

Some pools are plastered with a variety of materials. A home inspection can help examine the plaster for fractures that might lead to a significant problem in the future, although a little cracking is to be expected. Home inspectors will look at any ornamental or utilitarian tiles in the pool as well.

Pool Equipment

You would like to look at the hardware condition and quality of the possible swimming pool. You cannot dismantle equipment during a pool inspection. But your home inspector, on the other hand, can take them to a test drive. They can turn on all of the equipment and watch them in action.

Check for any strange noises that might indicate a mechanical problem. Do the components work properly by delivering the expected result, like circulating water or turning on lights?

Swimming Pool Inspections: What To Check When Buying A Home With A Pool 1

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