The Benefit of Home Radon Testing

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Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas that’s produced as a result of uranium decay. The gas escapes from the ground and into the air, where it further decays to produce more radioactive particles. Because uranium is found in abundance in soil and rocks, radon is present in the air we breathe, but the high levels of radon gas inhaled can be problematic.

How Radon Gas Makes Its Way Home

The gas enters homes through cracks or gaps in the floor, walls, drains, or pipes; for this reason, a considerable concentration of radon is found in cellars, basements, or other living spaces that are in contact with the ground. Due to insufficient ventilation, the gas begins to accumulate within the house.

The Health Effects of Radon Gas

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), radon causes 21,000 cancer deaths annually in the United States, which is largely why radon testing is encouraged when buying or selling a house in Gwinnett County, Atlanta. The particles of radon gas tend to deposit on the cells in the airway as we breathe, potentially causing lung cancer. Radon is 25 times more likely to cause lung cancer in people who smoke tobacco.

Any home with radon levels higher than four picocuries per liter must be fixed immediately. Although high levels of radon gas are more dangerous, levels lower than four picocuries per liter shouldn’t be ignored for too long either because the more you’re exposed to radon gas, the greater the risk to your health. The good news is that after the detection, it can be reduced to more acceptable levels.

Why Sign Up for Radon Testing?

Every one in 15 homes in the United States is prone to radon levels of 4 picocuries per liter or higher. So while you may not know it, radon particles may be working their way into your lungs to adversely affect your health. Radon testing is easy, affordable, and could potentially save a life. Not to forget, it’s the only way to know if you’re exposed to radon.

Radon testing in Atlanta

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Whole House Home Inspections is a home inspection company in Gwinnett County, Atlanta, that provides services for air quality and radon testing in Atlanta. Our team of residential home inspectors is licensed, insured, and certified by ASHI and InterNachi to detect the presence of radon gas and suggest effective methods to reduce these levels.