Things Homeowners Can Do Between Yearly HVAC Home Inspections

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a living room with an air conditioner

According to Forbes, HVAC maintenance is an essential chore for homeowners. This step is essential to ensuring their heating and cooling units work well. Poor maintenance practices reduce the equipment’s life. They also increase the money you have to spend on last-minute equipment repair before extreme weather sets in.

Let’s look at what homeowners can do during yearly HVAC inspections.

Replace Air Filters

The filter’s job is to trap dust and other environmental pollutants, which may accumulate over time and affects its performance. Some common environmental hazards include:

  • Pollen
  • Dander
  • Fungal spores

Clean your air filters every two months. A pre-listing home inspection can easily tell if the heating and cooling in the room are adequate. Replace your filters before you list your home for sale.

Vacuum Dust Particles in Heat Registers

Air and heat registers are the basic components of HVAC systems. It would help if you vacuumed them with air filters to keep them clean. Our home inspectors thoroughly inspect domestic and commercial heating and cooling systems. The inspection would take less time when scheduled by proactive homeowners!

Outdoor unit of air conditioners

Keep the Outdoor Condenser Clean!

To ensure your HVAC system runs smoothly, wash the condenser with water. The weather can affect the condenser drastically. Restricted airflow in the ducts is the major reason for your HVAC units not working properly. Keep the outdoor condenser clean at all times. You only need to do the drill once every two months.

Check the Attic for Possible Leaks

The leaks and holes in attic walls may be a primary reason for your HVAC system not cooling or heating enough. Our home inspection service in Atlanta performs a comprehensive inspection for new and old homes. Our services are great at caring for the insulation and HVAC systems installed in homes.

Minimize Obstructions in Your Vents

Take a round of your house to determine if a vent or two are in the sun. Check if the vents are experiencing a blockade. Clothing items and household goods often block HVAC vents. Don’t cover your floor vents with furniture. Make sure there’s no damage or serious harm to your air duct system.

White House Home Inspections for Domestic Air Quality Testing!

Different areas in the house may have different air quality. Our services have been operating for a long time for annual air quality testing in Georgia. We now provide home inspection training and certifications to aspiring home inspectors. To contact our services, call us at 770-370-4269