Things to Look for During a Pre-Drywall Inspection

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before drywall installation

Your new property hunt must have taken you to a dozen properties by now! Do you ever wonder what’s behind the immaculate dry walls and the glistening plasterboards? Drywalls are an affordable alternative to plaster and lath, but it’s usually behind the drywall that you have a property’s dark secrets. The messy electrical wiring, light switches, and outlet cables are covered underneath the drywall.

As trusted home inspectors with years of experience in our field, we’d recommend you not rush with putting up the drywall before a thorough inspection. Remember! What goes behind the drywall goes out of sight for as long as you continue to inhabit your new abode!

Our home inspection company in Atlanta offers pre-drywall inspections. The inspection covers the phase that comes before the drywalls are installed. This includes the entire property construction phase before drywall installation.

Here are some to look for during a pre-drywall phase.

The Insulation

The house insulation process takes time! Most home inspectors inspect the property after the insulation process. That’s because they can inspect the insulation. Inspectors check insulation for gaps, air leaks, and missed spaces. Catching an insulation gaffe before drywall insulation is always ideal rather than pointing out problematic insulation later.

The Electrical System

Check the wiring in the electrical panel. Gradually note problematic wiring and loose connections within the electrical system. You should also be mindful of the electrical outlets as well. A good inspection can prevent short circuits, loose wiring, and problematic cable connections.

Just like you have inspectors for mold inspections, residential and commercial inspection services in Atlanta offer trusted electrical system inspection. Explore more of our home inspection services here.

The Roofing System

Before singles and roofing cover a put into place, point out any symmetrical problems that you can identify right away! A solid structure is what roofing needs to survive seasonal wear and tear.

a woman inspecting the roofing

The Foundations

Checking for loops in foundations is not that easy. You can begin a foundation inspection by walking across rooms. Look for leaning nooks and bulging areas. Check for holes, gaps, and irregularities in foundation walls. Check if both the house walls and the foundation walls are on a level with each other.

Ask your home inspector to inspect the house for HVAC installation during the pre-drywall phase only. Don’t have a home inspector yet? Whole House Home Inspections excel at cooling/heating, drainage, and infrared inspections. Go for our annual home inspection offers to get full yearly coverage on the home inspection. Call us at 770-370-4269 for more details.