Waterproofing and drainage problems aren’t easy to spot until it’s too late. When these issues begin, they’re often imperceptible. Soon they result in water damage, rotten furniture, and flooded basements. Whole House Home Inspections allows homeowners to streamline preventive waterproofing and drainage system solutions with annual home inspections.

Our team of professionals can help keep your crawl space, basement, and other areas dry and healthy all year round. Our home inspection report will cover an in-depth view of the drains and waterproofing of the lower living space and identify anything that could prove hazardous in the future.

Experts in our home inspection company can detect various problems before they turn into something costly and complicated. We’re here to save you a lot of costly repairs and headaches by identifying signs of foundation damage or poor drainage. Get in touch now for a free quote! 

What Our Home Inspection Includes

No matter the area we’re looking at, annual home inspections by our professionals are visual, unbiased reports about the systems, components, and structures that make a home.

Our qualified specialists possess extensive experience, so they can spot problems and recommend cost-effective tailored solutions, even though waterproofing and drainage failures aren’t always easy to spot.

Interior Inspection

We start the process of waterproofing and drainage inspections by carefully detecting the red flags. Some visible signs include excess humidity, water in the crawl space, buckling or cracked walls, moisture around windows or doors, peeling, blistering, or bubbling paint, mildew and mold spores, rotting wood, and staining on walls.

We utilize state-of-the-art equipment to detect what may be hidden behind the walls. We use infrared inspection, radon inspection, air quality testing, mold inspection, and other techniques to help you find all the answers.

Exterior Inspection

Our professional home inspection services also include experts carefully examining your home’s exterior, giving extra focus on weakness points. Mortar joints and voids in bricks and blocks could be a telltale sign allowing water to enter the crevices of your walls.

Sloped grading of the property around the foundation and window wells in the basement can lead the moisture to seep through the walls and deteriorate the structure. Our home inspection report will include the condition of the space where the foundation meets the brick. If the seal has deteriorated, water could easily leak into the basement and cause some serious damage.  

Whether you’re buying or selling a home or building, reach out to us! Our home pre-purchase home inspection services, home maintenance inspection, and commercial inspection services can help you reap maximum profits before you settle on an offer. Our comprehensive home inspection report will help identify the problems, allowing you to rectify them and enjoy peace of mind, knowing your property is in good shape. Give us a call to schedule a home inspection before the damage turns into major expenditures.