What Features are Included in a Commercial Property Inspection?

A commercial inspection is deemed necessary to maintain the original condition. When performed frequently over the year, these inspections can save the property owner from many factors that could devalue the real estate. A commercial property inspector identifies any repair needs that could lead to foundation damage. Avoiding regular inspections can cost property owners thousands of dollars in maintenance expenses, and choosing a dependable commercial inspection company in Atlanta can make all the difference. Here are the features of a property inspected during a commercial inspection.

1. Heating System

A commercial inspector makes sure that your property’s heating system is fully operational. This aspect of a commercial inspection is considered necessary in many areas where winters are particularly severe.

2. Cooling System

A commercial inspection also includes the thorough evaluation of a property’s cooling system and the need for any repair. Any gas leakage or circulation issues may be identified during this procedure.

3. Drainage Sump Pump

Every property is essential to check the sump pump and drainage system, especially after heavy rain or harsh winters. These inspections can help prevent flooding in a basement and ensure water is being pumped efficiently.

4. Electrical Panels

A commercial inspector looks at the breakers and fuses within a property and helps avoid any electrical malfunctioning in the future.

5. Drywall Inspection

The drywall inside a property serves as a fire-resistant structure and adds to the aesthetic appeal. Any holes or damage in the drywall can lead to severe problems in the future. This is why this property feature is inspected in every commercial inspection.

6. Plumbing Mechanism

The plumbing system has to operate efficiently to avoid water seepage and many other drainage issues. Commercial inspectors evaluate the condition of a plumbing system and may advise hiring plumbers as per the need.

7. Roofs and Vents

Any leaks or wear and tear on the roof and vents are identified during a commercial inspection to limit weather damage.

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