What Importance Do Your Kitchen And Bathroom Vents Hold?

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a kitchen with a hob

Kitchen and bathroom vent fans are mechanical devices that ensure an exchange of air. A vent fan also pulls out odor and moisture from humid rooms. Spaces like the kitchen often remain humid and warm due to cooking. Kitchen vents help improve air quality in smaller spaces like your kitchen. Many building plans now come with guidelines for installing ventilation in newly-constructed homes.

There’s more you need to know about your bathroom and kitchen exhaust vents. Read on to learn more about them:

Vents Exhaust Warm Air

Many people feel the vent is only installed to eliminate odors, but that’s not all. Warm air is lighter than cold air. The steam from hot showers and baths leads to the air in the bathroom warming faster. This warm air rises and is forced outside by the vent. If not expelled properly, warm, moist air can lead to moisture accumulation, mold, and mildew on walls and crevices in bathrooms.

Bathroom Showers and Pink Mold

The most common bacteria that cause shower mold are Serratia marcescens and Aureo basidium. Even though pink mold is not as harmful as black mold, it still grows in warmer temperatures and causes stains around your shower. Our home inspection company in Atlanta offers mold inspection for your whole house for just $350. Hire us now!

Vents to Reduce Bad Odor

A bathroom doesn’t take much time to smell musty. The same goes for a kitchen. The odor from cooking sets in your kitchen if you don’t have proper ventilation. A clean vent can help remove the strongest odor. Not just that, pet owners have peculiar pet odors in their homes as well. Make sure your vent ducts are not clogged before using them.

Can Clogged Ducts Effect Vent Efficiency?

Your vent will not work well with clogged, dirty, or damaged ducts. Make your home investment worthwhile. Call our home inspection services in Gwinnett County for an HVAC and indoor ventilation inspection.


Necessary to Maintain Health and Hygiene

Ana Maria Rule, a Ph.D. expert, emphasizes the importance of ventilation for homes. Ventilation systems can well reduce the risk of exposure. Several case studies can be found that blame the spread of germs and bacteria from person to person on poor ventilation. Ventilation for bathrooms is mandatory to keep the airflow going. It’s also important to keep both the kitchen and the bathroom smell fresh.

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