What is The Radon Test Exactly? 

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The radon test is one of the essential inspections you need to conduct before you move into a house. Sellers also hire EPA-certified inspections to ensure buyers the home is safe.

Whole House Home Inspections is a fully insured and certified home inspection company with 16 years of experience in Gwinnett county. Here’s everything you need to know about radon tests before paying for an inspection service.

What Is Radon?

Radon is a naturally occurring gas that’s odorless, tasteless, and colorless. It’s a chemical element that belongs to a group called “noble gases.” These glasses don’t normally react with any chemical substance. Radon is found in soil with varying concentrations depending on the area. Radon is also a daughter element of uranium. In some places where uranium tilings were used as landfills, radon also comes from uranium decay.

The radon concentration depends on where you live and how your house was constructed. Some houses can have more than a hundred times higher radon concentrations than the average. Check out Georgia’s EPA map for radon zones on our website to see the general concentration in your area. Note that a low average concentration in your area doesn’t imply that your house is safe. EPA recommends a radon test for all homes.

Why Do We Test For Radon?

Radon isn’t poisonous in the traditional sense of the word but is radioactive. The radiation can penetrate your cells, cause mutations in the DNA, and lead to accelerated aging and cancer. Living in a home with high radon levels has been associated with lung cancer. Radon also causes around 21,000 deaths from lung cancer annually in the US.

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Why Choose a Professional Radon Testing in Gwinnett County

Radon testing kits in the market tell you the radon concentration in a house without professional help. However, these kits can take up to 90 days to give an accurate reading, so they’re not a good option for home buyers. The readings are also not EPA-certified, so you can’t use them when selling your property.

Professional radon testing equipment in Gwinnett county

A Whole House Home Inspections, we use Radon Eye Pro or Sun Nuclear radon monitors that can instantly measure radon levels in a house. These procedures are also highly accurate, which is why their results are certified by EPA. We also offer a range of certified residential home inspections, such as air quality testing and termite inspection in Gwinnett county, at highly market-competitive rates.

Want to ensure your house has safe levels of radon? Get in touch now!