What Problems Can Occur With Electric Panels?

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Electric panels keep the lights in your house humming along. It’s hard even to notice it when everything is lit up in your house. A small problem in the electric panel can cause the lights to go out, so it’s best to look after this essential equipment from time to time.

Problems with electric panels are quite common, and there are many reasons behind them. You can solve the problem with regular maintenance, but it’s often not enough. Here are some common problems that you can come across with electric panels.

Corrosion and Rust

Moisture or humidity can cause the electric panel to corrode or become rustic with time. It’s necessary to find leaky pipes or any other places with moisture in the house. Replacing or repairing the electric panel can cost a lot, so it’s best to find out sources of moisture to treat them before they cause a bigger issue.

Outdated Equipment

A corroded electric panel that needs replacement

Many homeowners don’t pay attention to the electrical panel and keep using outdated equipment that causes big problems later. Old equipment can be a major reason behind constant problems with the electric panel, so it’s best to call an expert to replace the whole system.

Improper Bonding

Improper bonding outside the box can expose the whole circuit to many problems. The best way to secure your electric panel is by putting box bonding in place that protects your electric circuit from outside problems. Be it humidity, moisture, or mold growth – your electric panel circuit won’t get affected by it.

Underpowered Panels

This problem generally occurs when the electric panels are not upgraded along with the rest of the system or if the residents increase their power usage. This can increase the load on the panel and eventually cause it to break down.

Is Mold Growth Causing Electric Panel to Break Down?

Mold growth near or around your electric panel can be another reason why you’re facing frequent outages. Get home inspection in Atlanta by the home inspectors from our team. We do air quality testing to find mold growth so that it can be easily dealt with.

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