What You Get In Our “Essentials” Home Inspection Packages

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Whether you’re putting your house on the market or buying a house for yourself, you need home inspection services. You want an experienced and licensed service provider who can find even the most hidden issues. Still, you can’t spend so much on a home inspection that the service costs you more than it saves.

Whole House Home Inspections is dedicated to making expert home inspection services affordable in Gwinnett county. Our “Essentials” packages cover the necessary inspections homeowners need at a low cost.  We also have more comprehensive packages at highly competitive costs for commercial buildings and large houses that are more sensitive to deterioration.

Here’s what you get with our “Essentials” home inspection packages:

Roofing Inspection

Roofing is one of the most important systems you need to inspect. Deteriorated roofing often implies water damage at parts of the house. Improper or deteriorated flashing isn’t costly to repair, but the damages it can lead to aren’t inexpensive. Metal roofs are expensive to repair because you need to replace entire panels.

Insulation Inspection

Water from the damaged roof can weather the insulation in your chimney. The heating systems will have to use more energy to warm the living spaces. Sellers are usually advised to repair the insulation before putting the house on the market.

Ventilation Inspection

Vents need regular inspections and maintenance. If you’ve ignored your vets for a while, a home buyer would rather not spend time on maintenance after buying the house.

HVAC Inspection

HVAC systems also need regular maintenance. If you’re buying a house that’s been on the market for some time, we can help ensure its HVAC systems have been maintained.

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Visual Pest and Mold Inspections

Even small pest and mold infestations can spread to the entire house after you move in. Professionals know where to look for infestations to ensure the house is safe.

Hire An Affordable Home Inspection With These Services and More

Our “Essentials” packages include other services such as plumbing and electrical system inspections. Just visit the Whole House Home Inspections website and choose a package that suits you best!

If you want more advanced services like air quality testing, our silver, gold, and platinum home inspection packages also give you the best value in Gwinnett county.

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch and hire an inspection now!