When Do You Need a Home Inspection?

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Most homeowners in Atlanta only schedule a home inspection when it is time to sell or buy a property. Inspections are commonly used to estimate the value of a real estate property, but it has many other benefits as well. When conducted periodically, they can prevent unforeseen issues. Choosing the right time to get your property inspected is very important to reduce home maintenance costs. Here are some occasions and instances when you must avail of the services of a residential home inspector in Gwinnett County.

1. Difference in Air Quality

Poor air quality can have a debilitating impact on your family’s health. Homeowners need to acquire the help of a professional home inspector and ensure the circulation of clean air in the house. Whole House Home Inspections is an air quality testing company in Atlanta that is widely trusted by local property owners. To get your home’s air quality inspected by professionals, get in touch with us today.

2. Signs of Mold Growth

The signs of mold growth may not be obvious at first, but it can affect your health very quickly. If your family members experience allergies and colds quite often, it may be linked to a fungus or mold growing in your home. Sign up for a roof inspection to analyze this problem, and detect fungal growth before it spreads further.

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3. Aging Property

If you have been living in your home for more than a decade, you need to schedule inspection appointments more often. Older properties are more prone to wear and tear and may develop irreversible issues if not inspected on time. Hire a commercial home inspector in Atlanta who has expertise in serving all kinds of properties, and follow their advice to prolong the life of your home.

4. High Energy Bills

A spike in your heating bills can be expected in the winters. But when you notice unexplainable changes in your electric bill throughout the year, it is time for a professional home inspection. Experts inspectors can detect any problems with your insulation, ventilation, or cooling system and bring down the overall cost of home maintenance for you.
Do not compromise on the quality of home inspection services, and choose Whole House Home Inspections in Gwinnett County for accurate results. To learn more about our company, click this link now!