Why Infrared Thermal Imaging Inspections are Great for a First-time Homebuyer

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Infrared thermal imaging is an advanced method for home inspection compared to conventional methods. It utilizes a non-invasive technology that reveals in-depth information regarding the condition of the building. It’s often regarded as a great add-on to visual inspection.

Even newly constructed homes may hide dirty secrets regarding improper insulation, leaking roofs, electrical malfunctions, and unwelcomed guests, to name a few. Here’s a list of problems an infrared inspection can detect, which makes it integral for first-time homebuyers:

1. Energy Loss

An infrared inspection can detect air infiltration and heat loss that occurs through the floor, ceiling, wall, door, or window. The most commonly reported problems tend to be malfunctioning or damaged heating systems, broken seals of double or triple-paned windows, and leakages from air conditioner compressors. In addition, the inspection report may also mention structural defects that account for energy loss from the building.

2. Moisture Intrusion

Compared to conventional home inspection methods, an IR camera locates plumbing and roofing leakages precisely that may cause serious harm if left unaddressed for long. Moreover, it also spots water intrusion at the foundation that may promote mold and lead growth to severe structural damage in the long run. Mold tends to expand in regions with moisture, causing health implications to those residing within. Last but not least, infrared thermal imaging also reports damaged, missing, or wet insulations.

3. Hot Spots in Homes

Infrared inspection is known to be equally effective, if not more, at spotting issues with the electrical system. It can report undersized or overloaded circuits and overheated electrical components. Most importantly, it reports electrical and circuit breaker faults that are in dire need of replacement or may cause a fire.

It also reports flue leakages that account for carbon monoxide poisoning of residents.

4. Pest Infestations

The color gradient of the infrared thermal imaging can reveal the presence of intruders such as mice, rats, or rodents within the building. Moreover, it can spot wood-destroying insects such as termites that compromise the structural integrity of the building. Termite nests are most frequently spotted in areas that provide warmth, moisture, and of course, wood.

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