Why Is Home Maintenance Important?

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Becoming a homeowner is a huge, but fun responsibility. Also, it’s vastly different from just renting your home or apartment. What was once the responsibility of your landlord is now your sole responsibility. This means general home maintenance and upgrades are now added to your list of things to do. It’s very important to maintain your home, not only for the family, but if you’re planning on selling it down the line, you’ll be able to make more money off of it. Here’s why regular home maintenance is important. 

● Saves You Money: Regular maintenance will help you save money on costly repairs. If you’re not prepared, you could end up with sudden expenses like an appliance going bad or water damage that could have been prevented. Without proper maintenance and upkeep, things can easily fall to the wayside. In fact, there’s a statistic that every $1 in maintenance now saves your $100 in repairs later.

happy family painting their living room walls
home owner performing basic home maintenance

● Increases The Value: Are you planning on selling your home soon? Regular home maintenance helps increase its value because you’ll be able to sell it for a higher price. Instead of breaking even, you’ll make a profit.

● Runs More Efficiently: When something is acting up or flat out broken, it affects the flow of the household. If the HVAC system is acting up it’s going to be running more than it should because it’s trying to overcompensate for whatever is malfunctioning.

Get the Most Out of Warranties: Warranties and home insurance are extremely helpful with issues that are out of your control, such as an appliance breaking down after a year or weather damages the roof. Unfortunately, if the home is not maintained, there’s a chance the warranty or insurance will void and you’re forced to pay out of pocket.

home air filter being changed

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