Why You Shouldn’t Waive an Inspection Even in a Hot Market

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Waiving a home inspection is never a good idea, even when the market seems to be closing in on you. Sometimes it can feel like the only way to beat everyone else to the punch and close on your dream home is to waive the inspection. The expedited process of buying a house this way can give you some quick fixes, but now all the hidden issues you didn’t see initially are your responsibility. This can make your dream home become a nightmare.


Sure, saving a few hundred dollars can seem attractive, but is it worth it? Issues with the house can cost thousands to repair, finding these issues ASAP is essential. If you are going to buy a home, the few hundred extra dollars spent on a quality inspection is worth it.

Why You Shouldn't Waive an Inspection Even in a Hot Market 1Peace of mind

Going to sleep at night without your home inspected is not a brilliant plan. The peace of mind alone is worth hundreds of dollars to just know what you are getting yourself into. Home Inspection is a very serious industry where most if not all issues are located. Some inspectors even fix small things for free.

Seller Pays For Repairs

If you can have a home inspection done and they find serious issues, the seller will have to pay those costs if they want to make the sale. This begs the question, why would someone sell the house saying you don’t need to have it inspected?

Do not risk buying a new property without a full inspection report. It is never a good idea and can lead to disastrous consequences. If you are looking to buy or sell a home and need a property inspected, please contact us at Whole House Home Inspections. Regardless of the size, big or small, we handle it all. Most important, don’t delay, the market is ever-changing.