Why Your Home Desperately Needs A Home Inspection

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As much as buyers must secure a home inspection, sellers must also hire property inspectors to assess the property and address the underlying damages. Whether you’re a buyer or a seller, a meticulous home inspection can help eliminate all the pitfalls and hassles during the process.

Why Home Buyers Should Invest in an Inspection

The main purpose of having your home inspected by professionals is to find any additional costs that could incur following the closing. These issues might as well be a deal-breaker if not addressed by the seller. A buyer can choose any inspection they deem necessary. The most common inspections buyers opt for include:

General Home Inspection

This is the most comprehensive home inspection in which the structure and systems of a building are thoroughly examined. The inspector will evaluate and report the roof’s condition, foundation, plumbing, heating system, central air-conditioning system, walls, windows, and doors.

Lead-Based Inspection

This is a surface-by-surface investigation that helps determine the presence of lead-based paint in a property. During the process, paint surfaces are tested for lead-based paint using X-Ray Fluorescent technology. Readings are taken in each room for all painted walls, ceilings, windows, and doors.

Pest Inspection

A pest inspection includes methodical and careful visual examination inside and outside your home by an experienced and trained pest inspector looking for termites, wood decay, mold as well as rodents.

During the process, you can expect the inspector to spend one to two hours thoroughly inspecting your property. Broken wings, droppings, mud tubes, and damaged wood signal the presence of pests in a property.

Advantages For the Seller

The goal of a home inspection is to uncover any potential problems before closing the purchase while there’s still time to negotiate. It gives the seller a heads-up for problems that a buyer will likely want repairing. Once you identify these issues, you can have them fixed.

Moreover, a pre-inspection brings out the property’s selling points like any electrical upgrades you may have made. This will also help increase your property’s value.

Why Your Home Desperately Needs A Home Inspection 1

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