Mold Inspections and Remediation

Whole House Home Inspections performs air quality testing to identify signs of mold growth within the building.  Mold growth within the building is recognized as a serious health hazard as it worsens symptoms of asthma, causes wheezing and shortness of breath, irritates the throat, eyes, and nose, and causes phlegm build-up.

The results of a mold or air quality test from Whole House Home Inspections are traced back to determine the root cause of the problem, i.e., water damage. Once identified, we are able to partner with you or your insurance company to provide remediation services.

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24 Hour Response

Every time you leave Whole House Home Inspection an email or a text, we get back to you within 24 hours with all the information needed for the next step, i.e., initial consulation.

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Approved Insurance Vendor

At Whole House Home Inspection, our business operators comply with state regulations to offer trouble-free inspection services.

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Free Estimates

Whole House Home Inspections won’t ever deny free estimates no matter when or how many times you want them.

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Completely Safe Chemicals

Whole House Home Inspections uses eco-friendly chemicals that treat the problem effectively without adversely affecting the environment.

Schedule An Air Quality Test or Mold Inspection For Your Home

Suspecting mold growth, but
haven’t gotten visual confirmation yet? Whole House Home Inspections will take care of you with local mold inspection services in Loganville, Georgia and Surrounding Areas.

Mold growth is fairly common indoors, especially in places that manage to trap moisture, such as the windows, roof, and pipes.
It tends to enter homes through the doorways, vents, heating and air conditioning systems, and windows, targeting regions with excessive moisture.

Wherever mold is able to find moisture, such as leakage through the roof, it begins to expand in that region. The larger these infestations turn, the more likely they are to be seen and smelled indoors. 

Mold Inspection

$ 350
  • Visual Mold Inspection
  • 3 Air Quality Samples
  • Humidity Testing
  • Computer Generated Report
  • Swab Samples (additional fee)
Mold Inspection

About Us

Whole House Home Inspections is a local  inspection service provider in Loganville and Atlanta, GA. We understand that exposure to different types of mold spores may result in severe medical complications, which is why we take quick action to combat the problem.

We are members of ECAN, which was formed in 2015 exclusively to provide industry professionals with a network enabling the members career progression through quality training and education necessary to confront environmental and safety issues faced by consumers owning or occupying property.

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When Is An Air Quality Test or Mold Inspection Needed?

Mold spreads around the house as quickly as wildfire, resulting in allergies and other health complications for residents of the building. It’s best to call on board a mold inspector from Whole House Home Inspections before the mold growth compromises the integrity of your structure.

If you test positive for the mold test, we start by addressing the problem that promoted the mold growth in the first place — this has much to do with moisture or water. From that point, we discuss your options in regards to mold remediation.

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