Home Inspector Training and Certification

Whole House Home Inspections is now providing Home Inspector Training and Certifications in the State of Georgia! Sign up now to become a Certified Home Inspector and start earning what you deserve, whether its a part-time job or to start your own company, we’ve got you covered. 

Learn how to perform a comprehensive home inspection, produce a report, and earn business income as a result. This course covers the home structure, basement, exterior (e.g., decks, balconies, steps, walls, eaves, etc.), roofing (e.g. shingles, tile, etc.), plumbing (e.g. vent systems, water heating system, etc.) electrical (e.g., panels, overload protection, etc.), heating- central air system, appliances, interiors, attics, insulation, ventilation, and more. 

You will do hands-on inspections and receive information about running a successful home inspection business as well as marketing your business.

training and certification

Whole House Home Inspections is an InterNACHI® Training Partner. InterNACHI® School (internachi.edu) is the only accredited home inspector college that provides free memberships to our students. 

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Becoming a home inspector is a great career choice for so many reasons including high-income potential, a stable industry, flexible schedules, and the ability to work for yourself. Home inspectors arm home buyers with important information they need to make good financial decisions.

Purchasing a home is one of, if not the largest investments an individual will make and home inspectors help provide objective information about the condition of a home to help those home buyers make a good investment. The service is so valuable and necessary that an estimated 77 percent of homes in the U.S. are inspected.

Whole House Home Inspections and Training Institute offers a 6 Week Home Inspector Training Course that was designed to compliment the online portion of training provided from InterNachi. Our trainers remember what it was like when they first started in the inspection industry. They understand how difficult it was to market to potential clients, and get experience in the field; all while ensuring profitability. 

Our training course will prepare you to hit the ground running as you will not only gain the knowledge and skills necessary to perform a thorough home inspection for your clients, but we will also equip you with a basic tool kit, marketing strategies and ongoing support well after the class has been completed. If you are considering a career in the Home Inspection industry, contact Whole House Home Inspections and Training Institute Now!

Training and Certification

6 Week Course
$ 259/Month *6 Monthly Payments
  • Course Length: 6 Weeks
  • Course Dates: 6/19/2023 - 08/04/2023
  • Course Dates: 8/14/2023 - 09/20/2023
  • Course Dates: 10/2/2023 - 11/08/2023
  • Training Time: Mondays and Wednesdays 6PM-9PM
  • Training Location: 4495 Atlanta Hwy Loganville, GA 30052
  • Starter Tool Set
  • Free Trial Inspection Software
  • Full Year of Support

Is Becoming a Home Inspector the Right Thing for Me?

The home inspection industry is growing by the day, which is a clear indicator for home inspectors always being in demand. Not to forget, an average home inspector can earn a five or even six figure salary annually.

It’s recommended that homeowners in Georgia inspect their homes every year by a professional home inspector to identify potential issues before they become major problems. This makes the cost charged by a home inspector worth every penny.

Only a qualified home inspector can perform the procedure adequately, which is why Home Inspection Training remains in such high demand! Our program sheds light on not only the home inspection, but ancillary services like mold, radon, pool and spa, septic system, thermal imaging, irrigation system, sprinkler system, lead paint, asbestos, and well water inspections. 

Our home inspection training and certification course is relatively affordable compared to other training programs (especially since we purchase your tools for you), which makes it fairly easy to pursue a lifelong career as a Certified Home Inspector.

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About the Instructor

Home Inspector Training and Certification 2

John Watson has been a Certified Home Inspector since 2018. He knew when he first received his certification that one day he would like to open a school and train others on how to inspect the right way. John loves to educate not only buyers but his team and fellow inspectors. John has helped countless new inspectors on their journey, whether it be personally or professionally.

John is patient in his approach and learned early on that a lot of information can be found in books and on the internet, but at the same time, It’s A Lot Of Information, and it can be confusing. Continuous Education is the cornerstone of success and John decided that the best approach to home inspection training is to “Learn By Doing”.

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