How To Choose a Home Inspection Package

Are you a home buyer looking for a home inspection service before you buy the home you like?

At Whole House Home Inspections, we offer home inspection packages in Gwinnett County at highly cost-effective rates. We’re certified by ASHI and InterNachi and never compromise on quality.

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Here’s how to choose from our home inspection packages.

Home Inspection Packages On a Budget

As a buyer, hiring a home inspection company may seem like a risk. However, it’s not as big a risk as buying a home without an inspection, but it costs you money nonetheless. Whole House Home Inspections understands this better than anyone else. This is why we offer three budget-friend packages that include essential inspections and tests you need before purchasing a house.

Discounted Home Inspection Packages

Our silver and gold packages include most tests and inspections an average house would need. We’ve structured these packages such that all the inspections take less time than they would individually. This saves our costs and allows us to offer very low prices. We’re also giving a $50 discount on our silver package and an $80 discount on our golden package right now.

Home Inspection Package For Those With Allergies

If you particularly want to make sure your home is completely mold-free, this package is designed for you. It includes visual mold inspection, air quality tests, insulation inspection, and even water damage inspections to ensure mold doesn’t start growing once the home is occupied.

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One Package To Offer Everything You Need

If you want to be absolutely certain you’re making the right decision before you buy a new house, consider getting our Platinum Package. It includes all our inspections and tests with state-of-the-art equipment. Visit our home page for details on each of these packages.

Whole House Home Inspections is the most trusted team of home inspectors in Gwinnett County. As an authority in the industry, we also train individuals who want to start their own home inspection company in Atlanta.

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