Five Inspections You Must Conduct Before Moving Into a New House

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couple holding the key to their new home

Buying a property is an enormous investment. It only makes sense to ensure it’s in the best condition possible, regardless of whether it’s an investment property or your first home. While it’s exciting, don’t get too caught up in the emotions and forget to schedule a property inspection.

Fortunately, as much as 83% of homebuyers now request home inspections as part of the contracts to avoid potential repairs or unforeseen hazards as they move forward with the property-buying process. With nearly 1 in 4 buyers expressing regret about their property purchase due to hidden repair or unexpected maintenance costs, it’s time to realize spending a couple of hundred bucks for an additional home inspection is worth it.

Generally, property inspections allow home buyers to escape contracts if there are extensive mechanical, structural, or safety defects that were not disclosed or not discovered beforehand. It also gives buyers the leeway to negotiate repair costs or reduce the offer to cover the replacement costs.

Home inspectors will help you identify cracks, termite infestations, mold sprouts, pest infections, and wood rot, among other things. But savvy buyers must do their due diligence by booking specialty home inspections, especially if the property is old or located in regions popular for certain elements. Let’s look at a few types of inspections to consider before sealing the deal on your dream property in Gwinnett County, Atlanta.

#1- Roof Inspection

While general home inspectors will catch obvious issues, a designated roof inspector will identify everything from loose shingles to ceiling stains, dark streaks, leaks, cracks, and many other issues that aren’t visible to the untrained eye. They will also check the condition of drainage and sewage systems and gutters to prevent debris or water from entering your home. At Whole House Home Inspections, we also offer clean-up and restoration solutions to add convenience to the lives of homebuyers in Atlanta.

#2- Crawlspace and Chimney Inspection

Homes with chimneys and crawlspaces are strong contenders for a thorough inspection. Our home inspectors will alert you of potential problems in the buildup, flue, firebox, or blockages that you must fix before they escalate into something serious.

Even crawl spaces are prone to moisture traps that can cause wood rot, mold, allergens, and even termite infestations due to humidity. The experts can perform visual assessments and offer encapsulation solutions that not only preserve the structural integrity of a property but also reduce energy bills significantly.

#3- HVAC Inspection

Besides checking the electrical wiring and ensuring everything complies with the city codes, home inspectors will also identify the presence of strange smells or sounds that indicate underlying issues. If the air ducts and coils are clogged, the heating, cooling, and ventilation of HVAC systems get compromised. A thorough inspection by specialists provides a clear picture and saves you from increasing energy bills or repair and replacement costs associated with HVAC systems.

home inspector with a buyer during a home inspection

#4- Mold, Pest, and Algae Inspection

Just because you can’t see termites, mold, algae, or other wood-loving pests doesn’t mean none are lurking away on the property. Inspections help determine damaged areas that might attract unwanted guests. They can also indicate if the property is harboring larger issues such as water leaks, damages, or flooding. We conduct assessments and locate cold or damp spots where these undesirable creatures tend to thrive. We also offer mold removal and remediation. Reach out via a call to book an inspection!

#5- Radon Inspection

Many people underestimate the hazards of radon, the toxic radioactive gas that has been known to be the second leading cause of lung cancer, followed by smoking. Statistics reveal that nearly 1 out of 4 houses in the US has elevated levels of radon. Therefore, EPA’s recommendations must be followed, especially if your property is located in regions prone to the problem.

If the seller hasn’t conducted the inspection recently, order radon testing right away from Whole House Home Inspections to keep yourself and your loved ones safe from potential hazards.

Our home inspection company in Gwinnett County, Atlanta, offers a range of residential and commercial property inspection solutions. These include mold inspections, termite inspections, and infrared inspections, along with air quality and radon testing. We also offer drone inspections. Book now!