4 Common Causes of Termite Infestation in Homes

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Termite infestations are common in homes that avoid regular inspections for multiple years. The signs of a termite infestation might not be apparent right away and cause severe damage to your property over the years.
Namely, three termites can be found in residential property; damp wood, dry wood, and subterranean termites. Each of these types is attracted to a property for varying reasons. Here are some of the common causes of a termite infestation and the role of a residential inspection company in its identification.

1. Regional Climate

Depending on the climate of an area, a house may become particularly vulnerable to a termite infestation. Cities that experience high heat during the summers face the problem of termite infestation in many homes. High moisture content in the atmosphere may also invite termites into a home and cultivate their growth throughout the year.

2. Humidity

Despite the humidity levels in the external environment, termites can be attracted to a home with high internal moisture content. This indicates the malfunctioning of your home’s ventilation system or drainage mechanism. Moisture build-up in the attic is among the most common reasons for a termite infestation in homes around Georgia. Plumbing failures may also result in moisture retention in your home and increase the risk of a termite problem.

Cracks in concrete

3. Foundation Cracks

Any gaps or cracks in your home’s foundation can become the breeding ground for termites and many other disease-causing pathogens. The dark and damp area under a home’s concrete foundation is ideal for termite growth, and filling these gaps is necessary to avoid a termite infestation. Competent home inspectors of Gwinnett county are experts at identifying even the most minor cracks in a home’s foundation and helping you prevent any future repair costs.

4. Nearby Shrubs and Wood

Your house may be clean of any infestation, but the shrubs or wooden structures around the house could transmit termites into your home.

Whole House Home Inspections can help you identify early signs of termite infestation in your residential or commercial property and save you from hefty repair costs down the line. Many homeowners trust our property inspection services in Atlanta. Get in touch with us today and free your home of any harmful infestations.