4 Expensive Fixes You Can Spot on a Home Inspection Report

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The process of buying or selling a house isn’t as easy and smooth as you perceive it to be. There is a lot more than just finding a seller or a buyer, and paying or receiving a financial sum. A home inspection is a crucial part of the process.


Home Inspection is not only for when buying or selling homes, though. It is also necessary at regular intervals to maintain your house adequately. A thorough inspection can save you and your loved ones from disasters and other health hazards.

Here are 4 major fixes you can spot in a home inspected report, that are expensive to replace if not fixed or maintained regularly.

1.    Roof Damage

There are several common faults and fixes that can be found on the roof in an inspection report. These include leakages, chimney issues, broken gutters, etc. These issues, if not fixed timely, will result in the replacement of the whole rood which is a very expensive procedure, and is not covered under any home insurance as well.

2.    Foundation Damage

The foundation is the base on which your house stands. If there are minor cracks in the foundation, get them repaired immediately. If left unrepaired, these cracks can widen up to a quarter or half an inch and pose serious risks for the structure of the house. Also, at this point, these cracks can only be repaired by lifting the house with the help of a hydraulic jack and then repairing the cracks, which can be cost thousands of dollars.


3.    Water Leakage

Water dripping, leaking, or flooding, if not properly taken care of, can pose serious threats to the people living in the house. It cannot only cause structural damage but also encourage the growth of fungi like mold and mildew, which pose numerous health problems. Getting rid of mold and mildew is expensive, and if the structure of the house gets damaged then that would cost at least tens of thousands of dollars.

4.    Septic System

A septic system is not visible to you, which is why it’s more important to be inspected thoroughly through an inspection report. Septic systems are built to last for at least 30 years, and ideally 50 years or more. Damage to the septic system, if left untreated or unrepaired, can result in major damage, leading you to replace the whole septic system. Old septic systems were different from modern septic systems, which are designed according to certain codes. If you have to get a septic system, you’ll have to get one built according to these codes.

A damaged roof

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