4 Reasons Why You Should Get An Annual Home Inspection

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Annual home inspections can help prevent issues from becoming too major in the first place.

People seldom opt for home inspection services unless there’s visible property damage or the house is about to go on sale. However, this approach is incorrect in ways more than one, as it is very costly to fix. Undergoing home inspection at the hands of a certified home inspector at least once every year should be a practice for all homeowners.

1. You See It, But You Don’t

A licensed home inspector is trained to see your house better than you ever will; no offense intended. They crawl over the roof, peer inside the ductwork, and scratch their back against the attic wall to undergo a thorough evaluation of your property.

2. What Was Once Minor, Became Major

Mold and termite infestations don’t happen in a day; instead, they worsen day after day. With annual home inspections, you should be able to prevent problems from exacerbating and becoming rather costly.

A certified home inspector has the skill set needed to identify wood-eating insects before you do. They will also be able to detect leaky roofs and appliances that require maintenance and shifting foundations beforehand. This will proactively allow you to minimize the cost of repair by keeping the issue from developing in the first place.

3. Who Likes Throwing Away Money Anyway?

By lowering energy consumption, monthly utility bills are reduced, which makes living more ‘affordable’. Home inspection reports issues such as leaking windows and doors, broken sprinkler heads, and clogged up ventilation systems. These minor issues contribute to your utility bill; however, they can be fixed easily to make significant savings.

4. Safe and Sound

A licensed, registered, and insured home inspector ensures your home is as safe as possible. Post-inspection, you’re given a list of things that need to be addressed at their earliest to avoid any life-threatening or traumatic incidents. An annual inspection is a cheap method for ensuring that your residential property is protected.

Home inspectors use their special skill set and advanced tools to detect the extent of the damage.

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