How to Protect Your Roofing During Winter

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Homeowners can save hundreds of dollars in home maintenance by taking the right precautionary measures. Each season affects your home differently, and winters can be especially harsh on your home’s exterior, roof, and HVAC system. Home inspection companies in Gwinnett county advise homeowners to schedule a residential home inspection before winter arrives. Here are some other ways to keep your roof protected from winters.

1. Get Your Roof Cleaned

Keeping your roof clean can prevent it from damage throughout the winter season. Schedule a clean-up right before the season begins, and make sure any dirt or debris build-up is removed. Additionally, clear away any snow piling up at the top of your roof to avoid costly repairs later. If you haven’t had your roof cleaned in months, take the help of a commercial property inspector in Atlanta and get this job done by a professional.

2. Keep a Check on Trees

During a rough winter storm, trees can fall on your roof and cause thousands of dollars worth of damage. They cannot only damage your property but also pose potential safety hazards. Schedule regular trims every few months and ensure no tree branches are hanging over your roof.

Homes in winter

3. Get Gutters Cleaned

The drainpipes in your home can get blocked due to frozen water and lead to roof damage. An inefficient drainage system will also allow moisture to seep in and damage the foundation. By cleaning the gutters every few months, you can save your property from many expensive repairs in the future.

4. Attic Ventilation

There needs to be a balance of ventilation and insulation in your home’s attic. The insulation system should block out the cold while keeping the attic properly ventilated. A well-ventilated roof does not accumulate moisture and requires fewer repairs in the longer run.

5. Fix the Damage

Before the winter season, all homeowners of Atlanta should schedule a home maintenance Inspection to find out and repair any previous damage. This will make winter repairs more convenient and less expensive.
Whole House Home Inspections offers annual home inspections in Gwinnett County that are affordable for all. Our expert contractors can teach you many tips to take better care of your roof every season, so reach out to us today!