Radon Testing and the X Key Things Every Homeowner Should Know

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Purchasing a new home at this of the year is a good move! A summer moving in would be great for a small family. But are you sure you’ve chosen the safest house for your family? Your house shouldn’t just be a provider of physical security; it should also ensure the health and hygiene of your family are perfectly protected.

In a house with higher radon concentration, we highly doubt that health-related issues won’t be a recurring topic of concern. The US Environmental Protection Agency, the EPA, has issued clear guidelines about radon-concentrated houses in several localities throughout America.

At Whole House Home Inspections, we care about all the measures clients can take to protect their health. Radon testing is a facility the service has been offering for a long time. Learn more about Radon gas on our website.

What is Radon Gas?

Several homes within the US are constructed over soil and rock. In some areas, when uranium in the soil and rocks breaks down, it releases radon gas. This gas often enters homes through cracks and gaps in concrete structures. The gas is also found in negligible quantities in our environment. What’s worrisome is when the gas accumulates in larger quantities within the lowermost areas in your house.

That basement where you’re planning to store much of your stuff can be the most radon-concentrated area of the house.

We have listed some of the basics for you before you move into your new home.

Have the House Inspected for Radon

Even when you’re about to occupy a house, not in a radon-concentrated zone, a radon testing procedure, especially for your basement, would not harm you. Home inspectors in Gwinnett County take around 48 hours to conduct the test. Samples are taken intermittently to ensure accurate results. Have your basement and crawl spaces inspected as well.

Detecting Radon Gas Concentration is Possible

Radon tests are performed by certified home inspection companies. Apart from home inspection training, our inspection team offers annual home inspection services in Gwinnett County.

Have Your House Inspected Before Purchase

Do not invest in houses that haven’t been inspected for radon. Higher radon emissions can be highly dangerous for your health. It may lead to issues of lung cancer and other lung-related problems.

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You Can Reduce Radon Levels in Your Home

You don’t have to fret about high radon levels in your home. You can reduce them through simple building repairs. Install ventilation bricks in your home or use a pump to blow hot air into the capacity. Most structural repairs work for years and require seasonal checks.

Whole House Home Inspections are home inspection companies in Gwinnett County that care for your home’s air quality. Our air quality and radon testing procedures use the latest equipment. Go for our annual membership plans that cover you for merely $24.99. Call our services at 770-370-4269 for more information.